Kat Sends Prayers to Victims of Boston Explosions

 "As someone who once called Beantown home for three years, I was 
shocked and deeply grieved to hear of the tragedy that occured on 4/15/13.
Many sincere good wishes and prayers to all the victims and their

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day & Love to All! "I met a woman the other day in a parking lot and told her I admired the Army baseball cap she was wearing. She thanked me and shared that her son had just…

Kat Launches New Site

Kat is so pleased to share her brand new site with you! After much hard work we are excited to start off the Lucky 13 year on this positive, new note. Plans are underway to add a few new features…

Kat Writes Articles for Kool Kat Blog

Kat is hard at work writing several new blog articles to share with you. Her blog will contain excerpts from her ebooks as well as stories about her travels, humanitarian experiences, performances and more. "I want to make sure I…

Kat Spends A Happy Birthday in Cali

Kat spent her birthday working hard but also hit the beach. She was able to catch a KISS/Motley Crue concert for the first time. Yup folks, Kat's tastes in music are pretty diverse and she has performed and recorded in…

Kat Completes New Album Tracks

Kat is pleased to share that she has completed 3 new album tracks. Her fresh, soothing track "Apex" here on the Home Page has been compared to Joni Mitchell's 'Ladies of the Canyon'. Kat says, "The inspiration for…

Kat Donates Performances for REALITY Church Launch in Tennessee

Don't do the church thing? That's ok! REALITY Church is a church that loves and accepts everyone. REALITY has churches in California and now beginning outside of Nashville, as led by church planter and pastor Dr Todd Bush. Katherine donated…

Kat Performs for International Friends Celebration in Michigan

Kat joined the International Women's Chorus at St Matthews outside Detroit, Michigan to celebrate a global message of Unconditional Love at Christmas. She performed with the choir and also offered several solo selections including the timeless favorite "Mary Did