Music for Peace: Expanding Tolerance & Understanding

by Katherine 'KOOL KAT' Farnham 

Hello everybody! Here are some thoughts about music and life that I hope may help you and give you food for thought (chocolate cheesecake in particular!). 

We now live in a global community…


Having A Mentor

by Katherine 'KOOL KAT' Farnham


Hi there!


This blog post addresses an important issue: having a mentor. Having an artist mentor is something that has occurred for hundreds of years. A lot of people use the…

Veteran Tribute: 'My Shoes Are Leaking'

The Kool Kat’s stunning single “My Shoes Are Leaking” is a moving story of a man and a woman separated by military deployment. Effortlessly merging classic and contemporary musical influences and Kat's world-class voice, it’s not just a…

Kat Becomes ASPCA Guardian

Above Photo: Kat & Her Shelter Rescue

The Kool Kat loves all our furry friends! "So excited to make a small commitment to help
protect and support those creatures that give so much love to us."  xoxo

Kat Sends A Warm Holiday Greeting

"From my heart I send you the hope and love of this cherished season. Wishing
fans and friends a Merry Christmas and an Awesome 2014!!!"


Katherine Supports Doctor's Without Borders

 "There are still unanswered questions in regards to the recent attacks in Syria and what happens now. What we do know is that many people, including women and children are suffering acutely. I support 'Doctors Without Borders' providing medical relief…

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day & Love to All! "I met a woman the other day in a parking lot and told her I admired the Army baseball cap she was wearing. She thanked me and shared that her son had just…

Kat Launches New Website

Kat is so pleased to share her brand new site with you! After much hard work we are excited to start off the year on this positive, new note. Plans are underway to add a few new features as well…

Kat Wishes U A Heartfelt Christmas

Kat says, "Wishing all of you a really wonderful holiday season and a healthy and happy Lucky 13!"  Ho, Ho, Ho!!  Peace, Love & Blessings, "Kat" xoxo