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A passionate humanitarian and educator, Katherine's most cherished experience was as music mentor to inner city kids in Compton and other Los Angeles inner city neighborhoods. "The smiles on the faces of those kids are forever etched upon my heart."
She has also supported: The Salvation Army, Save the ChildrenDoctors Without BordersInternational Campaign for Tibet, ASPCA, The Rotary Club, The Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, Many Voices, One Community, Fellowship of Christian AthletesDaughters of the American Revolution, American Bible Society, American Diabetes Foundation, The Women’s ClubThe Civic Club, The National Federation of Music Clubs, Food for Life Network, The Los Angeles Animal Shelter, United Nations, International Coalition of Christians and Jews, United Negro College Fund, Second Harvest, The American Legion, homeless shelters, churches and many other organizations. 

Kat's work was honored with the Rotary Outstanding Service Award. She’s also listed in Who's Who in the World and was one of the youngest recipients in 2019 of the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award. She organized and sponsored six benefit concerts in Miami and Los Angeles supporting music education and ethnic unity and was recognized by the Mayor of Miami-Dade County for her contributions. Most importantly she has donated countless hours of unpaid work towards reducing conflict and encouraging understanding and tolerance.




Kool Kat’s stunning single “My Shoes Are Leaking” is a moving story of a man and a woman separated by military deployment. Featuring world-class vocals and a Grammy-winning production team, this Veterans Tribute effortlessly merges the classic with the contemporary. Thumbs up to the courageous men and women who have served and the loved ones and friends that have been affected by their sacrifice.

If you or someone you know has worked for the US Armed Forces and experienced difficulty readjusting to normal life afterwards, there are resources that can help you. Download the MP3 and PDF files here plus a list of helpful resources. 



Jazz & Peace 

by Katherine ‘Kool Kat’ Farnham 

I had my first experience as a jazz vocal soloist at the age of five. At that time of course I did not understand what jazz was but I knew I loved the melodic structure and rhythms. Even after attending undergraduate school I still heard many musicians asking “What is jazz?” I found this to be extremely odd! How would I ever grow within a genre that no one could even define? It felt ridiculous. However, as time passed and I matured as a musician I began to think that one’s…

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Managing Diversity with The Power of Music 

by Katherine Farnham 

The following story is true. It is a testimony to the power of music to overcome fear, misunderstanding and prejudice. 

When I first moved to Southern California I was performing live, recording and teaching music at a private school. Most of the students were Korean and the teachers represented a mix of different ethnic backgrounds. The head of my location was a beautiful and fun lady, with an eccentric personality and a desire to help people. I enjoyed talking with her and going to…

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How Music Heals & Brings Relief 

by Katherine ‘KOOL KAT’ Farnham 


Aug. 29th, 2017 - Many people are concerned about the flooding taking place now in Texas. My heart goes out to those who are in need at this time. Although many Americans living in other areas are probably very busy, with too many responsibilities on their plate already (isn’t this something most of us can relate to), it is good to lend a hand whenever possible. Especially in this age of technology, we can connect and help others more easily than in the past. Moreover…

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The Element of Harmony: How It Relates to Peace 

If you know anything at all about music, even from an occasional “I listen to Pandora” perspective then you know that music has several inherent elements. These range from rhythm to melody and harmony and more. The way the basic elements are constructed within a piece of music affects how it comes across to the listener. 

Perhaps even more importantly however, the elements of music are already present in nature. Many great philosophers and artists believed that it was music - rather than any religious…

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Music for Peace: Expanding Tolerance & Understanding 

by Katherine 'KOOL KAT' Farnham 

Hello everybody! Here are some thoughts about music and life that I hope may help you and give you food for thought (chocolate cheesecake in particular!). 

We now live in a global community and the Internet has dramatically shifted the way people communicate with each other on a day to day basis. Every culture has beautiful and unique things to offer. Every culture also has a unique way of living and looking at the world. We now have so much opportunity to learn about…

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Having A Mentor 

by Katherine 'KOOL KAT' Farnham


Hi there!


This blog post addresses an important issue: having a mentor. Having an artist mentor is something that has occurred for hundreds of years. A lot of people use the word “teacher” but I think that mentor is in many cases a more accurate word. There are a lot of confusions about this issue. I hope this post will clarify some misconceptions.


I was blessed to be born into a family of professional musicians and educators. I understand what it means to have a…

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The Kool Kat’s stunning single “My Shoes Are Leaking” is a moving story of a man and a woman separated by military deployment. Effortlessly merging classic and contemporary musical influences and Kat's world-class voice, it’s not just a song - it’s a Veterans Tribute. Thumbs up to the courageous men and women who have served and the loved ones and friends that have been affected by their sacrifice. 

(c) 2015 Katherine Farnham


Kat Becomes ASPCA Guardian 

Above Photo: Kat & Her Shelter Rescue

The Kool Kat loves all our furry friends! "So excited to make a small commitment to help
protect and support those creatures that give so much love to us."  xoxo

Kat Sends A Warm Holiday Greeting 

"From my heart I send you the hope and love of this cherished season. Wishing
fans and friends a Merry Christmas and an Awesome 2014!!!"

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